Reasons Why I Want To Be Director

Here’s some reasons why I want to be a Director:

Number 1:

I don’t like work in the front of the cameras. I don’t like to visiable.

Num 2:

When you work behind the camera you can choose your own people to work with.

Num 3:

You can express your ideas by shooting a film or just photos.

Num 4:

It’s completely Halal in my religion.

Num 5:

I can share my ideas, beleives and my thougts to the world.

Num 6:

I always want to be famouse in the world in a clean way. I guess this is the best way.


I think it’s the best job to me, and for my personality.

I always call myself THE FUTURE’S DIRECTOR cause I really want my fame to reach all the world…


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