The River Guy

the river guy poster

Once upon a time, in another life and another time…

A guy called Christian was laying on the floor unconsciously.

When he woke up he wondered what this place is and what happened to him…

After a while of trying to know things about the place, Christian heard a sound coming from the other side of the door.

His heart was beating too fast. He thought that he had been kidnapped. The sound was getting closer and louder…

A man opened the door slowly. The man got into the room and sat down on a chair but Christian was still standing afraid of being tortured…

but when Richie told him the story about finding him, Christian surprised of the it.

Richie told Christian:” I know it’s hard to hear this, but I have to tell you…”

He paused afraid of saying, because if he said, Christian would not believe.

Christian (shouted):” Tell me… I want to know, why am I here? What is this place? Who are you?”

Richie said: “Alright, just calm down. But you need to believe me because you don’t have anyone else but me”.

Christian: “Okay, Whatever… Tell me what I need to know”

Richie answered:” I was walking outside, looking for anyone…

Then I saw some guys floating in the river. I thought they were dead, but when I got closer, I put my hand on their chests to check their beats. No one was alive but you. I brought you here hoping you’ll wake up. This was three weeks ago.”

Christian said: “Wait, WHAT?!! You’re lying. This is not what happened. I was with my friends in a place so far of any river, we were shopping for my friend’s wedding. Then the sky became cloudy and had strange colors… That’s all I remember”.

With a small smile Richie replied:” Good for you”.

They had a long conversation. They talked about their jobs and families.

They started to like each other…

Then the days passed.

Day one…

Day two…

Day three…

Day four…

In the fifth day of Christian’s wake, Christian was wondering why he can’t get out of the house. He went to ask Richie, but Richie was out of the house. He went to bring some food.

When Richie got back home Christian asked him…

Richie told him to forget this but Christian insisted to know…

Richie put his hand on Christian’s shoulder saying: “I told you, you don’t have anybody but me… They all dead out there”

Christian said:” Oh My God, do you realize what you’re saying?!”

“Something supernatural happened, that’s why the sky had been in strange colors…” Richie responded.

Christian:” God, help me to wake up from this night mare…”

Richie said with a laugh:” This is not a nightmare”.

Christian said:” How will we reproduce and breed?! We’re going to die without doing anything…”

-“Don’t worry, I found a way to have babies… I just need a woman’s DNA from a new died body.”

-“Okay, I just need to get out then I’ll bring you warm bodies”

-“Can I trust you?! You won’t go anywhere, Right?”

-“I don’t have anybody but you… Do you remember?”

Richie agreed and let him go…

After a few days… and after Richie’s science experiment, Richie’s soul left his body, he died…

Christian felt too bad and lone, Richie was his best friend and his only family, he died in a heart failure.

To be continued…


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