The River Guy (P2)

the river guy

“I don’t have anybody but you, and now I don’t have anybody at all”

Christian was saying with a lot of tears in his eyes.

That night Christian slept next to Richie’s tomb, he didn’t care for food or water he just wanted to stay with his best friend who died in peace, without any pain, and Christian was happy for that.

Then Christian went back home, he saw the machine that Richie has created, he saw the elements in it moving for shapes and making something like a human. Christian knew that this machine is working very well, he couldn’t wait to see the baby…

(One Week Later)

Christian lived a normal lonely life. He went to hunt animals and get some food.

The only thing that Christian didn’t think about is the supernatural incident …

One day, Christian thought about it, he went to a library in the city where he lives, he learned about the supernatural things.

He thought that the supernatural things are not exist, but when he read that book, he knew that is everything he was denying is real.

A few days later and after too much of learning, Christian checked the incident thoroughly, he found that it was a humans from another world called Asgard.

The Asgardians come to earth for a specific purpose, they come in periods.


From the book, he knew when will they come back and why…

The book described the Asgardians very well. they’re strong, look like human but stronger with a superpowers.

Richie’s experiment was still growing until the baby came, but she wasn’t alive, she was like a doll. Christian was so disappointed. He will live alone forever, but in a miracle, from a far place, a human came from the fog, when she got closer Christian saw her, he was in unbelievable situation, he was very happy.

The girl calls Lucy, she was so beautiful, she was looking for a live human, and she found Christian.

Christian was a handsome bearded guy. She felt happy too, because she was thinking like him. She’s alone and she’ll die alone.

They met, they lived in the same house, the exchanged the love between each other.

After a while of loving, they got married. They helped each other to stay alive.

Christian and Lucy knew most of things in the world like science, literature and other…

They were the builder of a new generation.

But, do you think Christian will forget Richie?!

No, never. How can he forget his best friend and his half heart?

Christian always goes to Richie’s tomb, he cries every time he remembers him. The friendship is complicated, always, when Christian loved Richie as a friend, Richie died.


The memories has never left Christian’s mind.

After dramatic days, the Asgardians came back, Christian and Lucy saw them to the first time in their lives, and they were like the book has described them. But this time they came in peace because they know that the war doesn’t bring anything but the grudge.

They came back to apologize from that devastation for Christian.

Their king Odin said:” from us, as a people, we ask you Mr…?”

Christian said:” My name is Christian, and you killed my best friend… how can I forgive you?”

Odin:” we’re sorry, we were coming in peace but the humans attacked us, so we thought that you, the humans, are bad and we, the Asgardians are so committed to the world’s laws. And the first law in the laws book is (Save all the worlds and yourself from anyone who attack you).”

Christian:”so there are other worlds?”

Odin:”Yes, Sure… Let me present to you my sons and my army”

Then Christian became friendly with Odin’s son and they are Chris and Loki.






To Be Continued…


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