About Us



1.Things we want to do:

We always do stuff, but we want to do more, because the life is gone we want to enjoy it as much as we can.

  • First, we want to travel all around the world and especially Aruba, where our love lives.
  • Second, we want to be lovely , famous and remember-able after death.
  • Finally, we want to make every soul on this earth happy.

2. Who do we love in our lives?:

We loved a lot of people, but there are special people who made our lives better, more joyful and full of love.

  • We love that human who cares of us, we give him most of our love.
  • We love everybody who helps us to imagine more and love more.
  • We love the people who can imagine and dream like we used to do.

But our biggest love lives so far of us. We could not reach it, we were trying our whole lives.

Were sorry for the people who loved us us and we didn’t know.

By: boyfromasgard


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