To You, My Dear…

Can I live inside you? Because I feel safe when I’m with you, I feel happy, too. You’re my world, your chest is my place, and your heart is my home.

If you let me live in your beats, I’ll never leave. I told you more than a thousand times:

”I will never let you go”.

You know I love you and I do the impossible for you, but I feel like you don’t want me, you ignore. You treat me like anyone else.

I want to be your special story, your favorite person.

Tell me what I should do for you, order anything. I live for you, my heart beats for you. You want me to stop it? I’m ready. You want me to commit a suicide? I’m ready. You want me to leave you? No. making distance between us is the only request that I would say no for.

If you get out of my mind, I’ll die. I consider you as a mind, soul, bone, heart, body and life.

All my memories have been erased, but ours are still alive in my brain, they’re still beating showing in my sleep, I remember every small detail about you.

I feel so confused…

Am I in love with you??


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