Humanity and humans are the basis of world’s existence, and their thoughts are the origin of Their existence, so without thinking we’re not exist.

That was the inspiration of my new painting…

Roses are the thoughts.

Human is earth.

Blue (background) is the universe.





In Blue











New art of Halsey in blue pencil of Maped brand


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Get yourself ready for school.


To My Unknown Lover…

In the first time I saw you, I’ve been wondering if any relationship can be between us, because I saw many positive and attractive points in you, one of them was that you’re always smiling.

I’ve tried to be like you, but my nature defeated my acting skills, you know that I’m the sad, heated and negative human.

All my desires went to you want you to be the only family and the only friend. We know this won’t last forever, but unless I’ve tried to get you…

Maybe you don’t want me, but I need you the most, not just because I need friend, no. because I want someone beside me in every moment in life, stand with me, help me to stand when I fall and encourage me to be positive. And I need you because you’re like a part of my heart that I can’t give up on.


Now I Know…

With getting older and with my small experience in life I knew somethings and some feelings, most of them were bad but nice. Really, it was nice to get hurt but learn in return.

Now I know how it feels to be bad person in your society, this feeling starts to show when you don’t do anything to your country from moderation and good activities. Honestly, I’ve never did anything to make who’s around me better, okay, I can’t change the world like I want ,but when you live in stone-age-society you’ll know how it feels.

Now I know how it feels to lose someone close to you, I actually lost four in the last two years, and it was real hard to be broken, but this is life we have to deal with it. Honestly, I don’t know if I am the matter or them.

Now I know how life goes, you got to have more than one way in it, like you got to be bad, good, strong, effective, evil, big-hearted, patient, smart, stupid in some situations, sensitive and more…

But never be that weak person who can easily subject to life and give up in the first chance.

Now I know that I should be covers by myself and not wait to someone to do. I’m the only one who can protect me, that’s why you should be strong, fearless and powerful, to protect yourself.

Now I know that I shouldn’t trust anyone. No one is worthy to know you or to have you. Plus, everybody have secrets, the only crazy human who doesn’t have. So keep yourself to yourself.

I’m not telling you that you need to be like that quite, hated person and who hates everybody, no; you and I are not psychiatric patients.

Now I know most of things… and I’ll know more and try more even if it hurts.



IMG_20170620_204234 copy

New art  of tortured man with a blood and a lot of hurting points.


Colors: Faber Castle

Paper: A4 (printing paper)

By: Boyfromasgard



For Communicating:




The River Guy (P3)


the river guy

Five years later, later of everything happened…

Christian and his wife Lucy were standing next to Richie’s grave.

Lucy went home to make food, but Christian still there because he promised his best friend that he won’t leave him again. Especially after when the asgardian tried to take him.

Everything was fine until Christian saw Richie in his dream telling him: “I miss you, I want to hangout like we used to do, I don’t have anybody but you, and it’s so cold in here, I’m freezing”.

Christian woke up afraid of that dream, wondering about its purpose. Meanwhile, Christian got an idea so he can join Richie forever. He called Lucy to ask for forgiving for what he would do in the next days.

Christian did everything to be with Richie, like staying near his cold body, bringing flowers from the kind that Richie love and sleep there in the cold nights to warm him. Christian was a loyal friend to Richie, but fate was ruthless, it took him away.

Christian saw Richie every night in his dreams and Richie was telling him things about that place where he’s at.

The Asgardian king came back to make a peace treaty between Asgard and Christian. Christian put all his focus on that treaty, because he wanted the best for himself and for Richie. The treaty was for having peace and to protect each other.

When Christian got back home in midnight, he went to sleep, but Lucy was waiting for him to ask about what he told her previously.

Christian started the conversation saying:” Darling, do you remember when I told you I’m sorry for what would I do?”

Lucy Said:” Yes, and I was waiting you to ask about that”

Christian:” I’m really sorry”

Lucy:” Christian I don’t really understand what you mean”

Christian:” I’m really sorry honey, I really love you but I got to do that for all of us”

Lucy:”THAT?! What is that? Christian, what exactly you mean? I feel bad for what will you do”

Christian:” I want to go and never come back, I’m going to Richie, I can’t live here alone and you know that I don’t have anybody but him, Right?

Lucy said while she’s crying:”What?! Are you mad? I’m here, I’m all yours, please don’t leave me here”

Christian said with tears in eyes:” If you love me, you’ll let me… I just can’t, when he died, I felt my heart stopped beating and I can’t breath if I’m far of his body.”

And he added:” I’m leaving when the sun rise, I don’t …”

While he was talking, he heard a loud voice. Lucy went to check the kids in their room. And Chris went to know the sound source.

Lucy screamed too loud. Christian came quickly to see, but when he saw that sight, his heart was about to stop completely, but he got that brave to stay alive.

The kids were killed on the floor and one of them is missing with a hole in the wall. Christian looked through that hole and he saw a huge unique kind of bears that attack so hard.

He looked at Lucy and she was on the ground laying cold lifeless. She died, Chris is alone now, he wanted that but not in this way.

Christian walked without beats to Richie’s grave and cried, cried until his tears dried. He must to do that idea that he thought about from a long time.

He brought a blade and slit his wrists and bled to death near to his best friend.

This is the meaning of best friends forever.ُ


The End

This Week’s Arts

Here’s my week’s arts, Hope you like it

IMG_20170516_144205 copy

Merman. from my biology book in school.

IMG_20170516_144243 copy

Aliens are taking humans, so take care of your self…

Aquaman-Drawing copy
Aquaman Coloring

Digital coloring using Photoshop (This is the first time)

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