Humanity and humans are the basis of world’s existence, and their thoughts are the origin of Their existence, so without thinking we’re not exist.

That was the inspiration of my new painting…

Roses are the thoughts.

Human is earth.

Blue (background) is the universe.






IMG_20170620_204234 copy

New art  of tortured man with a blood and a lot of hurting points.


Colors: Faber Castle

Paper: A4 (printing paper)

By: Boyfromasgard



For Communicating:




This Week’s Arts

Here’s my week’s arts, Hope you like it

IMG_20170516_144205 copy

Merman. from my biology book in school.

IMG_20170516_144243 copy

Aliens are taking humans, so take care of your self…

Aquaman-Drawing copy
Aquaman Coloring

Digital coloring using Photoshop (This is the first time)

Golfing with Ted Baker

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This weekend I took a break from my natural habitat AKA the pool and beach to hit the course in my favorite golf resort on the island, The Links by Divi.

For the golfing trip, I got to test drive the new Ted Baker Golf Collection. The sporty-yet-sophisticated collection consists of ombre prints, bold colors and ton of functional elements. The collection parts way from what golfing gear use to be, ill-fitting and prints and patterns that were outdated. The new TB collection is giving golf attire a new and more modern definition. These garments are smart with a modern fit and will improve your game.

For my golfing adventure, I went with the Birdy Polo in blue and the PLAYGO polo in red. Both polos are made of stretch cotton for ease of movement, so, not only are you ready to play, but your style game is in…

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You’re Beautiful

You’re beautiful is my new collection, it’s made of two photos that show the beauty of the human even if he or she was bold.

The beauty is not just in the hair, there is a heart beauty like yours

Always have a heart beauty

Reasons Why I Want To Be Director

Here’s some reasons why I want to be a Director:

Number 1:

I don’t like work in the front of the cameras. I don’t like to visiable.

Num 2:

When you work behind the camera you can choose your own people to work with.

Num 3:

You can express your ideas by shooting a film or just photos.

Num 4:

It’s completely Halal in my religion.

Num 5:

I can share my ideas, beleives and my thougts to the world.

Num 6:

I always want to be famouse in the world in a clean way. I guess this is the best way.


I think it’s the best job to me, and for my personality.

I always call myself THE FUTURE’S DIRECTOR cause I really want my fame to reach all the world…

My Cousin Too!!


It’s not me this time…

It’s my amazing, genius and talented cousin Abeer Khafajah...

Every Day We Find New Stuff That Change Our Minds To A Better Minds

It’s very nice to share your talent with others and learn from them…

Hope, Dream and Evolution… these are the common things between us.

My New Book

My new book has a lot of different thougts and quotes, talking about life, dreams and imaginations.

This is the biggest work for me until this moment. Also it has some of my secrets and wild thoughts.

If you like to read the book tell me…

And if you read it all, you’ll get a gift from me.


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